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Carmela Clutch Luna Luxe-Leave Your Girl to Me

Nicky and Luna Luxe are working really hard to finish their school project. However, Nicky is more forgetful than Luna and has a lot of notes missing. When Carmela Clutch introduces herself, Luna is mesmerized by her attractiveness. Luna wonders what Nicky is doing with such a hot stepmother. Nicky is dragged into the room by Carmella, who then forces him to bend over and assist her in eating Luna’s pussy. Though Nicky is aware that eating a chick’s pussy next to his stepmother is strange, he can tell from the look in Luna’s eyes that she enjoys the kinkiness of the circumstance. Carmella and Luna get wild over his cock. Nicky never imagined that his stepmother would suck his dick, yet there he was, with his pants down and his cock deep down Carmella’s throat.